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Originally from Germany, Beate Arens moved to Paris to study fashion design after a traditional apprenticeship in tailoring. She spend the next 19 years in Paris and New York city working for fashion labels like HERMÈS, LOUIS VUITTON, RALPH LAUREN, ABERCROMBIE & FITCH...

As her career progressed, she realized that her true passien was accessories. She believes that for a handbag to be truly authentic, its aesthetics must develop from a practical need.

Since August 2017 Beate lives and works on Mallorca, Spain.

Born and raised in Munich, Stephanie Fehr moved to Italy to work in the trade fair business and studied International Management in Germany and Ireland. After an international career in the aircraft business as contract manager for government clients she discovered her love for high end, sustainable products which make our lives more beautiful but also leave a positive footprint.

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